Must Know Facts about Stretchmarks

Stretch Marks – When, Where and How do they occur?

bikini_model21514Though the problem of stretch marks is very common with women, even men develop stretch marks. Stretch marks commonly occur during puberty, during and after pregnancy and when one gains or loses weight fast.

These ugly stretch marks white marks usually appear on stomach, back, buttocks, thighs, arms and breasts.

How do stretch marks occur?

  • When our skin stretches beyond a limit, the inner layer of the skin, dermis, tears resulting in thin red lines first which later convert into unsightly white striae or stretch marks.
  • Sudden skin expansion results in damage of skin cells that later lead to split or crash in the middle layers of the skin causing hideous stretch marks.
  • Though these occur when our skin expands (during puberty, sudden weight gain, pregnancy etc) they come out hideous when the skin starts contracting (after pregnancy, weight loss etc).

Stretch Marks Prevention and Removal – some must know facts

Prevention of stretch marks is very easy as compared to removal stretch marks. There are many easy to follow home remedies to prevent stretch marks. If you are looking for easy way out, with any brand of the genuine stretch mark prevention cream one can prevent or avoid stretch marks.

But only few creams can really deal with removing stretch marks that have already appeared. When the stretch marks are very old say 4-8 years, getting rid off them would be highly challenging. However, it’s possible to fade them away with few powerful stretch mark formulas slowly without going for any surgery.

Stretch Marks and Collagen

To truly understand stretch marks, it is best to get down on the basics. Research shows that due to the break down and stretching of collagen, stretch marks are formed. Basically, elastin and collagen are primarily found on the skin’s second layer known as the dermis.

Collagen has a big role!

Since collagen is a structural protein, it has a great role in supporting the skin’s tissues and cells and even in the bone structure. It makes up about 75 % of the skin, the damage in the collagen fibers or even the decrease in its production can lead to a number of skin appearances, mainly stretch marks, wrinkles, and aging skin.

Collagen Breakdown – Reasons

For women, stretch marks occur more often during pregnancy. This is mainly because the hormones soften the collagen on the skin in order to prepare and accommodate for the growth and development of the baby in the tummy. However, these hormones can also lead to the formation of stretch marks. Aside from the physical damage it causes due to pregnancy and weight gain, there are other factors that contribute to the breakdown to healthy collagen; stretch marks may only be one of its results.

Direct exposure to sunlight for one can prove to be highly detrimental to the production of the collagen on the skin. Hence, if you should be under the sun for extended periods of time, a sunscreen is highly important to provide your skin the necessary protective layer. Free radicals are also a contributing factors that affect the collagen production on the skin and causes premature aging and advance development of wrinkles and yes, stretch marks.


How to stimulate Collagen production?

If you have reached this part of the article, this you may have drawn the conclusion that in order to maintain soft, supple skin, it is important to nourish collagen. Stretch marks are merely one of its repercussions.

The best way to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin is by removing the dead skin cells on its surfaces in order to encourage the growth of new skin cells. The application of poly-hydroxy and hydroxy acids along with exfoliation is one of the best wayt to go about removing the dead skin cells.

There are also some commercial skin creams that are specifically formulated to stimulate and trigger collagen synthetics.

Cellulite and Stretch Marks

It you are battling with weight problems like many people, then you may have become fairly familiar with two of the most common woes – cellulite and stretch marks, both of which can manage to mar the otherwise perfectly nice skin.

Cellulite stretch marks are closely related to body weight mainly because, cellulites are identified as those lumpy fat bulges that come with weight gain. It  has been known to be one of the contributing factors that causes the formation of stretch marks. However, some people think stretch marks and cellulites are one and the same.

Cellulites Vs Stretch Marks

To best differentiate the two, we start off with determining the causes.

ellulites primarily form due the buildup of water and fat under the skin and are usually found on various areas of the body.


But stretch marks are caused by the stretching of the skin beyond its elastic limited for prolonged periods of time. This can be brought about by pregnancy, puberty and weight gain, the latter as the particular category cellulite stretch marks fall under.

How to get rid of Cellulite Stretch Marks?

Prevention is said to be better than cure. This also holds true when dealing with cellulite stretch marks.

  • 576px-bikini_model_jassi_2By maintaining an average body weight, you will be able to significantly lessen the changes of its formulation. Drop some weight quickly with this 3 week plan
  • Skin creams and surgeries: For those who already have these marks, the application of skin creams have been known to help diminish its visibility. For those wanting instant results, there are also some non-invasive surgical and dermatological procedures that can be performed to rid those unsightly marks.
  • Remember that in dealing with this particular problem, the first line of defense is through having a healthy lifestyle to protect your body fat buildup and obesity.
  • It is also important to keep your skin properly moisturized to maintain is elasticity.

The great news is, when it comes to cellulite stretch marks products, you don’t really need to look far and wide. This is simply because there have been a proliferation of products in the market today that are specifically designed to treat stretch marks. You see, while you may feel like your skin may have been cursed for life, many people actually share the very same problem with you.

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