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A woman’s body undergoes a number of significant changes during pregnancy. Among the most common ones include belly stretch marks that more than half of pregnant women are sentenced for life. While these silvery write creases are far from fatal, it can be quite unsightly enough to cause many expectant mommies to dread and worry about the marks that can significantly mar their skin that could very well mean the end of wearing skimpy bikinis after the pregnancy even if one has gained her figure back.


So what causes those belly stretch marks to develop? As you put on more weight during pregnancy and as the belly stretches to accommodate the growing baby, the skin is also stretched further. This causes the marks to appear during the seventh month of pregnancy. For some unlucky ones, the marks are not only confined on the belly but other areas as well such as arms, inner thighs, breasts and buttocks.

The marks typically start off barely unnoticeable with its thin red lines in parallel formation. This happens when the skin is stretched at an extended period of time. In some cases, belly stretch marks may gradually fade in time; there are some preventive steps that you can do to avoid having to suffer the same fate. Taking time to follow simple steps, especially during the first few months of pregnancy can spell a world of difference.

Maintaining a healthy diet is important in keeping your body properly nourished. It is also advisable to lightly massage the belly with moisturizers on a daily basis to improve the blood circulation as well as encourage the skin tissues to become more elastic. Unknown to many, water also plays a significant role, since keeping the skin hydrated is paramount of avoiding developing stretch marks.

With the growing number of people suffering from the ravages of stretch marks creams, products are now made available to provide prevention and treatment for this type of skin problem. Skin creams that contain alpha hydroxy acids that are derived from plant extracts have been known to better prepare the skin from developing belly stretch marks – something that you definitely would want to take advantage of.

Adolescent Stretch Mark Causes

While it is generally true that pimples are among the most common skin problems shared by teenagers during puberty, stretch marks are definitely not far behind on the list.

Unlike those pesky zits that gradually heal and fade in time, adolescent stretch marks may very well mark you for life. And much similar to pimples, stretch marks can greatly affect a teenager’s self esteem and may become a contributing factor to lack of confidence, most especially given the fact that teens become more aware and conscious of their bodies.

Adolescent stretch marks have been known to be more common among girls than boys, which usually form on the hips, thighs, butts and breasts. This is largely brought about by sudden growth spurts and weight gains. Boys who actively engage in physical sports, especially in bodybuilding activities are also more prone to stretch marks, which become evidence on the rapid changes occurring in the teenage body.

It has also been suggested that the use of oral steroids may also be a contributing factor along with the application of topical steroid ointments and creams, most especially when used excessively. During the puberty stage, the body produces higher levels of hormones that circulate through the bloodstream. This is also thought to contribute in the formation of stretch marks.

The adolescent stretch marks often appear to be purple or silvery markings on the skin, much similar to scars. In view of the fact that society has imposed a standard if perfection that includes flawless skin, stretch marks are naturally considered unsightly. However, unlike adult stretch marks, the silvery linear tears in the skin often fade over time, although there are some that don’t really fade away.

Some of the known preventative measure of adolescent stretch marks includes regular exercises and plenty of stretching to effectively prevent fat from storing in certain areas prone to stretch marks. Through stretching, the skin will be given more opportunity to naturally expand without forcing the skin to stretch. Skin creams and moisturizers may also be applied on the skin on a regular basis to keep the skin supple and elastic enough to accommodate growth.

Red stretchmarks are common during pregnancy

Stretch Marks Removal – Types and Methods

Stretch marks are caused by the sudden expansion of the skin that may be brought about by pregnancy, growth spurts, rapid weight gain, and hormones. Many people who have stretch marks go out of their way to hide the unwanted scars.

Some people forego some activities that would require them to expose certain body parts such as swimming. And yet, the most significant effect of stretch marks is on the self esteem of the person, causing unnecessary anguish and distress.

However, there are a number of products and procedures available in the market today to effectively remove stretch marks. Take time to know the options presented below to help you decide which one would best suit you.

Laser Surgery

If you are looking for fast solutions, laser surgery has been known as the most effective procedure to remove stretch marks. Unlike creams and other topical applications which can take a while to show significant effect, laser surgery only requires you to undergo the procedure for several sessions.

The main downside of this alternative is the fact that can be quite expensive and may be painful, especially for people with low pain thresholds.

Stretch Mark Creams

If you are looking for topical creams to help remove stretch marks, there are a number of brand of stretch marks creams available today. Among the most popular one is Revitol Stretch Mark Cream.

Like ordinary lotion it is applied directly on the skin in a circular motion. These products often contain high contents of collagen, vitamin E and elastin.

Stretch Mark Prevention Methods

As most people would say, prevention is definitely better than cure. This means, you don’t have to wait for the stretch marks to mar the beauty of your skin before you do something.

Early on, it is important to maintain the skin’s moisture levels. This includes application of products that stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, such as cocoa butter and drinking ample amounts of water. This would greatly help in ensuring that your skin stays elastic enough to handle expansion without causing damage to the skin.

Indeed, unsightly stretch marks can cause anxiety, but something you can prevent. While there are a number of products readily available to remove stretch mark, it is still best to take precautionary measures to maintain and preserve your skin from flaws.

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