Barmon Stretch Mark Cream Review

Using a stretch mark cream to prevent and treat stretch marks can be a difficult decision when there are so many creams on the market. When selecting a stretch mark cream, it is important to understand the differences between the active ingredients. These ingredients will set creams apart from each other and help to narrow down the field.

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream Review

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream is an all-natural cream developed almost twenty years ago by Barbara Feiring. Barbara created this all-natural formula to treat her own stretch marks after the birth of her first child.

She had such success with her recipe, she decided to market it to expecting and new mothers as well as athletes and others for the prevention and treatment of unwanted stretch marks. This cream is safe during pregnancy and for nursing mothers.

Barmon Cream Active Ingredients

barmon creamBarmon stretch mark cream has three main active ingredients: cocoa butter, vitamin E and lanolin.

Cocoa butter, also known as theobroma oil, is an excellent moisturizer, known for smooth consistent texture, pleasant smell and ability to absorb through the multiple layers of skin tissue, penetrating deeply.

Vitamin E is found in almost every moisturizer and stretch mark cream. It is essential in initiating skin regeneration and promoting collagen creation. Vitamin E is also an excellent antioxidant, destroying the free radicals that can hurt collagen production and cause damage to the skin.

Promoting regeneration is a key factor in minimizing the visibility of stretch marks, and vitamin E is a powerful ingredient for this purpose.

Lanolin is a by-product of wool, made of fat-based molecules that are small enough to penetrate the deepest layers of tissue, the dermis, where the stretch marks are based. Lanolin provides extra moisture and allows cells to retain the moisture that they already contain.

The ingredients of Barmon Stretch Mark Cream are all well-recognized ingredients for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. It is important to note, however, that there are no additional ingredients that might promote extra collagen and elastin production.

These ingredients are found in a variety of other moisturizers that are not focused towards stretch mark reduction, so the formula is not necessarily unique among others on the market.


Recommended Use

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream should be used twice daily for at least 3 to 4 weeks to see any results. Applied to clean, dry skin in the morning and evening will keep the skin moisturized and help it maintain more flexibility.

As with any other topical cream, users should test the product on a small patch of skin to determine any allergies to the product. This will help determine if there is any itching or redness before applying the product to a larger area of the skin.

What Does Barmon Cream Cost?

Barmon Stretch Mark Cream is available at without a prescription. The single tube price is $29.95 for a 4 ounce tube, but goes down to $19.95 per tube when ordering two or more. When used as directed, a 4 ounce tube should last approximately one month.

Barmon Cream For Stretch Marks Bottomline

This product is best used as a preventative measure or for recent red-purple stretch marks. It’s inexpensive, all-natural and has been around for a long time marketed mainly by word-of-mouth. This indicates a strong following among past and present customers.

As well, according to the website, the makers of Barmon cream offer a no-time-limit satisfaction guarantee for their product – a pleasant surprise and rarity for any product. Visit the site for details and limitations.

Many users have reported successful treatment of existing stretch marks if they are recent. New stretch marks that are purple or pink in color will benefit most from this cream since these marks are still in the healing phase and benefit most from Barmon cream’s active ingredients.

During our research, we couldn’t find any compelling evidence that Barmon cream is effective on older “white” stretch marks.

While the price of Barmon Cream is one of the lowest in the market, the ingredients do not include anything particularly unique. With most stretch mark creams, moisturizing regularly can help reduce the visibility of stretch marks.

If your stretch marks are light, Barmon Stretch Mark Cream is a good starter treatment and may be effective for your needs. Anything more severe than light stretch marks may require a more potent cream or alternative treatment method.

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